Tokai Senko K.K.


Corporate Outline

Company Name Tokai Senko K.K.
Incorporated March 1,1941
Yoshiaki Yashiro
Yuichi Washi 
Primary Business Manufacture of Texitile Printing, Dyeing and Finishing, Design and sales of textile products, Development and sales of industrial machineries
Capital ¥4,300 million
Sales ¥10,620 million (Consolidated year ended March, 2021)
¥5,630 million (Tokai Senko K.K. year ended March, 2021)
Stock Listings First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchanges, Nagoya Stock Exchanges
employeess 840 (Consolidated as of March 31, 2021)
212 (Tokai Senko K.K. as of March 31, 2021)
Location of
Offices and Plants
Headquaters / Nagoya
Branch offices / Osaka
Sales offices / Tokyo
Plants / Nagoya, Hamamatsu, Gifu
Affiliated Companies Domestic / TK Support Co.,Ltd. Totmate Co.,Ltd.
Dessin junn Co.,Ltd. Tokai Trading Co.,Ltd.
Overseas / Tokai Dyeing Co.,(THAILAND)Ltd.(THAILAND)
P.T.Tokai Texprint Indonesia (INDONESIA)
Tex Tracing Co.,Ltd(THAILAND)
P.T.Dessin junn Indonesia(INDONESIA)
Tokaitex Phils.Inc.(PHILIPPINES)


Corporate History

Mar.1941 Tokai senko K.K.established in Nagoya for dyeing and finishing of cotton fabrics
Apr.1948 Production of Biwajima factory started(Currently Nagoya Plant) Osaka sales office opened
Oct.1954 Biwajima factory is raised to the status of Head Office plant, Osaka sales office raised to status to Osaka Branch office
Oct.1956 Purchased Fuji Senju Co., Ltd.,which named Kisogawa plant
Oct.1961 Purchased Hamamatsu Senko Co.,Ltd which named Asada plant Listed on Nagoya Stock Exchange(Section 2)
Apr.1962 The independent profit system installed,Head Office plant re-named Nagoya Div.Kisogawa plant renamed Kisogawa Div.Asada plant renamed Hamamatsu Div.
Jan.1963 Tokyo sales office opend
Jun.1963 Tokai Dyeing Co.,Ltd.(Thailand) established in Thailand
May.1966 Gifu Division started
Mar.1970 P.T.Century Textile Industry Ltd. established in Indonesia
Feb.1971 Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange(Section 2)
May.1972 Purchased Miyako Sensyoku Kogei Co.,Ltd.,which named Kyoto Division
Apr.1973 Head Office and sales office established in Osaka
Feb.1986 Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange,Nagoya Stock Exchange(Section 1)
May.1988 Headquarters established in Nagoya
Sep.1990 P.T.Tokai Texprint Indonesia established in Indonesia
Aug.1991 Tex Tracing Co.,Ltd. established in Thailand
Oct.1995 Function of Kyoto Division and Nagoya Division integrated Kyoto plant closed
Nov.1997 Function of Kisogawa Plant and Hamamatsu Plant integrated Kisogawa plant closed
May.1998 Hamamatsu Plant aquired ISO 9002
Oct.2000 Tokai Dyeing Co.,Ltd.(Thailand) aquired ISO 9002
Oct.2003 Osaka branch moved to Awajicho Daibiru
Feb.2005 Tosen Sogyo Co.,Ltd renamed TK Support Co.,Ltd
Apr.2006 Purchased Dying Business of Imaeda Senko Co.,Ltd
Mar.2007 Corporated with. Fujii Seiju Co.,Ltd.,
May.2007 Purchased a part of Dying Business of Sakaren Co.,Ltd
Jun.2008 Tokyo sales office moved to 2nd Kawaibiru
Mar.2010 Tot Mate Co.,Ltd established
Jun.2010 Purchased a part of Business of Daiwa Senko Co.,Ltd, Iwata Division started
Jul.2012 Headquarters moved to Nagoya Lucent Tower
Dec.2013 Function of Iwata Plant and Hamamatsu Plant integrated Iwata Plant closed
Nov.2015 Headquarters moved to Dai Nagoya Building
Apr.2016 Tokaitex Phils.Inc. established in Philippines